BUCS Trophy Final

On the last weekend of 2nd term, ten swimmers went up to Sheffield to compete for the second year in a row at BUCS Teams Finals.

Last year, the club were promoted from division three to division two. This year, thanks to a fantastic performance in the heats in November in Norwich, the swimmers were going into the final confident they would be promoted to division one.

The competition was undeniably tough but the despite finishing in the bottom half of the field in most swims, we were at least comfortably beating Durham in lane 8 next door. Special mentions should go out to Ryan and Tiffany, both of whom won their 50m fly swims. Ryan pulled the third fastest 50m fly in the whole meet (including division one) with his time of 25.25, only beaten by the swimmers from Loughborough and Edinburgh.

We finished in sixth place with a glorious fifteen club records (out of 24 events). The same to where we placed last year but in the next division up – so this is just great.

Well done team, and thanks to Bartek and Fergus for coming to support.

Most Improved Club of the Year!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we won the shield for the “Most Improved Sports Club” this Thursday (19th March) at the annual UCLU Sports Ball. This is the second consecutive year we have won the award and are so grateful to UCLU for selecting us. Importantly, it is thanks to our phenomenal members that we won. Our membership has grown by around 60% this year and we’re now one of the biggest sports societies at UCL.

Our achievements this year have included: runners up at London league, winning Varsity, certain promotion at BUCS to the top division, competing at BUCS Short Course and Long Course, our charity relays gala and blood drive, as well as more training and more socials for all members!

Individual members who won awards on the night are as follows. Well done all.

Sports Commendations

Ellen Trayhurn
Georgina Hunter
Helen Gourley
Becky Hopkins
Tiffany Koh

Sports Colours

Allan Xu
Hiro Harazawa
Jolie Cripps
Josie Park
Laura White
Myles O’Keeffe
Olivia Frost
Ryan Miller

Sports Centenary Colours

Henry Marshall

News and Reviews from Varsity

Thank you to Pi Media for the glorious report on Varsity, typos and all. Additionally, thanks to our friends from UCLU Photography (Wei Lin and Phil Drover) for capturing the event on camera. It means a lot to us to us that our kicking ass has been captured so wonderfully.

Read about it here and the Facebook photo album is here.

Runners Up at London League

So, in the final of three competitions against Imperial, King’s, Queen Marys and Royal Holloway we came in runners up. 2nd place at the gala leaving us 2nd place in the whole competition.

It’s been a good year for us at London League, last year we came 3rd, this year 2nd and so let’s hope the trend continues.

We had some super swims: Tiffany (we think) got the 100IM record as well as the 25m fly (obviously). Christian stole the 25m back record, Alberto took the 25m free and Georgi took her own 25m breast record.

Well done to all who swam, I know we were a bit run down post-Varsity (both in physical and numerical terms) and I know a few most of those swimming at BUCS Finals this weekend were saving themselves because we have pretty stiff competition (Commonwealth finalists).

Anyway, WELL DONE to everyone who took part in London League this year. Well done to Imperial for winning!

PS. Thanks to Myles and Nick for helping run the gala and everyone who has volunteered throughout the year.

We won Varsity!

UCL took on King’s in a tense head-to-head meet at the London Aquatics Centre on Wednesday 11th March.

The meet involved two swimmers from each team battling out in the individual events (50s and 100s of each stroke plus 100 IM and 200 Free), with the relays having only one team from each university racing alongside each other in the centre of the pool.

UCL dominated from start to finish, both in the water with almost no last place finishes and taking most of the 1st places, as well as out the water, having brought along a large crowd to make the atmosphere electric.

The final result was 108-130 to UCL.

AGM 2015

Note from the President regarding AGM, taking place Monday 23rd March 2015 at 6pm in the Harrie Massey Lecture Theatre.

That time of year where we’ll need to put together a new committee for the following year is almost upon us!

This is the most important event of the year so please put this one in your diaries!

Afterwards, we’ll also organise a social + dinner (probably the last of the term!). more info to come soon.

The positions on offer with short descriptions are as follows:

President – is essentially responsible for all club affairs, and is the official point of contact for the members and the union. Basically you organise and delegate. Only current committee members can run.

Treasurer – 2nd in command, so the 2nd most important role! Treasurer is responsible for all finances. Responsibilities include drawing up a budget for the year, applying for grants, budgeting for events. They are responsible for making sure the club doesn’t go into debt 🙂

Vice-President – newly created position who is essentially a fixtures secretary. Will be in charge of booking facilities + accommodation + travel for training, tour and competitions. A really vital role!

Men’s + Women’s Captain – is in charge of picking the BUCS + competitive teams, entering it teams to competitions, writing sets, communicating with the coach and generally promoting team spirit!

Fitness Captain – A role created to ensure the fitness squad (the largest portion of the club) feels more integrated. Responds to a lot of member queries, writes sets + coaches the fitness squad, and again just acts as a welcoming member of the committee.

Social Secretaries (x2) – Is in charge of extra curricular social activities. You book venues, promote events and essentially be the life and soul of social events.

Engagement and Community Officer – Is responsible for all sponsorship, alumni and volunteering related affairs. Such as acting as the official contact with our new sponsor, keeping in contact with UCLUSC alumni, and organising volunteering + sponsorship events.

Marketing Officer – is the creative mind of the club. Essentially we need someone with an eye for design who can design kit, posters, banners etc. and can also be in charge of publicising the club, whether just in general or for a specific social/volunteering/sponsorship event. Will liaise with Social secs and engagement officer a lot.

If you’d like anymore info, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please all of you come to run and vote on the new committee!!