AGM 2015

Note from the President regarding AGM, taking place Monday 23rd March 2015 at 6pm in the Harrie Massey Lecture Theatre.

That time of year where we’ll need to put together a new committee for the following year is almost upon us!

This is the most important event of the year so please put this one in your diaries!

Afterwards, we’ll also organise a social + dinner (probably the last of the term!). more info to come soon.

The positions on offer with short descriptions are as follows:

President – is essentially responsible for all club affairs, and is the official point of contact for the members and the union. Basically you organise and delegate. Only current committee members can run.

Treasurer – 2nd in command, so the 2nd most important role! Treasurer is responsible for all finances. Responsibilities include drawing up a budget for the year, applying for grants, budgeting for events. They are responsible for making sure the club doesn’t go into debt 🙂

Vice-President – newly created position who is essentially a fixtures secretary. Will be in charge of booking facilities + accommodation + travel for training, tour and competitions. A really vital role!

Men’s + Women’s Captain – is in charge of picking the BUCS + competitive teams, entering it teams to competitions, writing sets, communicating with the coach and generally promoting team spirit!

Fitness Captain – A role created to ensure the fitness squad (the largest portion of the club) feels more integrated. Responds to a lot of member queries, writes sets + coaches the fitness squad, and again just acts as a welcoming member of the committee.

Social Secretaries (x2) – Is in charge of extra curricular social activities. You book venues, promote events and essentially be the life and soul of social events.

Engagement and Community Officer – Is responsible for all sponsorship, alumni and volunteering related affairs. Such as acting as the official contact with our new sponsor, keeping in contact with UCLUSC alumni, and organising volunteering + sponsorship events.

Marketing Officer – is the creative mind of the club. Essentially we need someone with an eye for design who can design kit, posters, banners etc. and can also be in charge of publicising the club, whether just in general or for a specific social/volunteering/sponsorship event. Will liaise with Social secs and engagement officer a lot.

If you’d like anymore info, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please all of you come to run and vote on the new committee!!

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