Most Improved Club of the Year!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we won the shield for the “Most Improved Sports Club” this Thursday (19th March) at the annual UCLU Sports Ball. This is the second consecutive year we have won the award and are so grateful to UCLU for selecting us. Importantly, it is thanks to our phenomenal members that we won. Our membership has grown by around 60% this year and we’re now one of the biggest sports societies at UCL.

Our achievements this year have included: runners up at London league, winning Varsity, certain promotion at BUCS to the top division, competing at BUCS Short Course and Long Course, our charity relays gala and blood drive, as well as more training and more socials for all members!

Individual members who won awards on the night are as follows. Well done all.

Sports Commendations

Ellen Trayhurn
Georgina Hunter
Helen Gourley
Becky Hopkins
Tiffany Koh

Sports Colours

Allan Xu
Hiro Harazawa
Jolie Cripps
Josie Park
Laura White
Myles O’Keeffe
Olivia Frost
Ryan Miller

Sports Centenary Colours

Henry Marshall

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