Welcome Week!

Welcome to UCL and to UCL Swimming Club!

We had a lovely time meeting all of you at Freshers’ Fair. In case you haven’t been following us on Facebook (go follow us now!), here’s what happened over the past two weeks:

  1. We met with A LOT of you over the weekend during Freshers’ Fair! Thank you for all your support! If you’re not yet on our mailing list, send us a message over Facebook!
  2. Give-It-A-Go (GIAG) Fortnight has begun! For more information on how to sign up for sessions absolutely FREE OF CHARGE, check our Facebook page/email. This week’s sessions are packed, and everyone says they are loving it #fomo
  3. We had our first socials, COPS AND ROBBERS, and it was a BLAST! Thank you all for coming over in beautiful stripes and joining us in the infamous Loop.

And we are only halfway through GIAG Fortnight. Look out for our second round of sign-ups via Doodle poll and come dazzle us in our next GLITTER SOCIALS on the 11th! We are so excited!

In case you haven’t seen our posters, check it out below:


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