Shark Run & Cambridge!

Give-it-a-go fortnight is officially over!

Thank you everyone who signed up and turned up for our training sessions. We hope you like it and want more! If that’s the case, from this week on, we need you to have membership. Head over to the Students’ Union webpage (link here) to get them now!

And if you’ve joined us in last week’s Glitter Social, you will know how lit it is


we occupied the entire top deck of bus 73. blur photo soz.

If fomo has hit you, don’t worry because our two MAJOR SOCIALS are coming up and here are the details!

  1. Shark Run (Event link HERE )
    What’s better than one shark running after *drunk* you? TWO SHARKS! Our infamous annual pub crawl is here and it’s really the one event that you must not miss. I’d skip my 9am for this (kidding, guys go for both socials and lectures).
  2. Cambridge Gala (Event link HERE )
    Competitive swimmers will compete and non-competing people will drink and show solidarity by the poolside. the more shots down the more chances we stand to win this gala! And after that we will have the BEST out-of-town social ever, you might even forget to catch the coach back with us (it happened before, you don’t want us to leave you, really).

More updates to come! If you haven’t already followed us on our Facebook page and group and Instagram (@ucl.swimstagram), go right now!

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