London League – 25/11/2017


new year new squad same victory @ mile end

London league innit. Home turf, favourite pool (lol), and finally some club kit! So, what happened… we won obvs.

Top male swimmer goes to Alan Li for rapid racing as always! Not what he wants to be known for, but guess he will settle for sprints. *shrugs*

And top woman goes to Becca for once again stepping up when Emily ‘accidentally’ missed her race.

Everyone was great and we smashed both the team relays despite some concern in the first half when Royal Holloway actually won some races… absolute scenes!


more like london LIT 🔥🔥🔥

We all knew we had won but Kai (does he even do maths?) kindly spent hours adding up the scores to confirm a strong victory for UCL with a comfortable lead! Bring it on round 2!

Edit: Kai did the math within 10 minutes.

Happy 5th Birthday to UCL Swimming!


can you believe how amazing we’ve gotten in JUST 5 YEARS?


As with tradition, UCLSC celebrated our birthday with our famous Curryoke [read: curry-O.K.]. Can you imagine how far we’ve gotten and accomplished in these 5 years? A club award? Check. A sportsperson of the year? Check. A Sportsnite at Loop bar tab…? We’re getting there.

Somebody once told me:

 “If you can row, you can’t sing. If you can swim, you’re Whitney Houston.” – Confucius*

What a way to prove Confucius right, we smashed the stage with our crystal-clear rendition of All Star, Uptown Girl, and Let it Go! Forget Whitney Houston, everyone’s an Idina Menzel!

If you still want to put your vocal talents to good use, come join us at London League Round 1 next Saturday and cheer #teamUCL as we compete against Imperial, Kings, Queen Mary, etc! Watch us as we keep our title as London champs!

BUCS – 10-12 Nov

The skwad were back at it again over the weekend. Off we go, up north, to Sheffield for the first BUCS event of the year.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-13 at 17.13.54


Here’s a report of how we did:

  • Naturally Rob was in his element leading the way as we followed him, like lost sheep, to Greggs, because “I always swim better after a steak bake”. We may have mocked him at the time, but proceeded to put on an incredible display of northern talent gaining 5 pb’s, proving why he is “The Captain”.
  • Goggy was… well… Goggy. And unsurprisingly smashed all her races and actually got us some BUCS points! 2 finals, 1 collapsed lung… BUCS? Completed it mate.
  • Moving on to “Big Man Prez” as he calls himself… JJ did some mad swims including an epic pb in the 200IM, he makes it look easy.
  • Frankie also excelled himself and smashed 2 pb’s, although we didn’t manage to congratulate him because he was mainly hanging out with Imperial and sporting matching haircuts with his brother :/
  • Emily proved what happens when you don’t train… (turn up to sessions kids) and after a poor performance is once again claiming she will “start lifting big weights” in Bloomsbury, so keep an eye out.
  • Now onto ‘Legend of the Meet’… that goes to Alan for his performance in the pool and in Sainsbury’s… 6 mince pies!!! Exceptional.
WhatsApp Image 2017-11-13 at 17.13.53


  • Dan and George… where do we start? Great swims from the boys but unfortunately their behaviour out of the pool is going to lead to some forfeits at Loop. George has a girlfriend if anyone was still unsure, and Dan… doesn’t (if you know, you know).
  • Finally, congrats to Allan, who, despite years of experience (he started Uni in 2012 when most of us were still trading Pokémon), had some technical problems during his 50Fly when his goggles filled up with water.

Well done to everyone, great weekend, great swims, great chat.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-13 at 17.13.54 (1)

 good job! #teamUCL