Happy 5th Birthday to UCL Swimming!


can you believe how amazing we’ve gotten in JUST 5 YEARS?


As with tradition, UCLSC celebrated our birthday with our famous Curryoke [read: curry-O.K.]. Can you imagine how far we’ve gotten and accomplished in these 5 years? A club award? Check. A sportsperson of the year? Check. A Sportsnite at Loop bar tab…? We’re getting there.

Somebody once told me:

 “If you can row, you can’t sing. If you can swim, you’re Whitney Houston.” – Confucius*

What a way to prove Confucius right, we smashed the stage with our crystal-clear rendition of All Star, Uptown Girl, and Let it Go! Forget Whitney Houston, everyone’s an Idina Menzel!

If you still want to put your vocal talents to good use, come join us at London League Round 1 next Saturday and cheer #teamUCL as we compete against Imperial, Kings, Queen Mary, etc! Watch us as we keep our title as London champs!

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