AGM – Welcoming our New Committee!

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-22 at 13.23.25

UCLSC Committee 18/19 – when ALL committee members are actually present for a photo


Welcome to our newest committee! In this edition, we have MANY new faces, and some not so new ones, but hey we need members with experience right?

Our newest committee is made up of:

President: Louis Seller
Treasurer: Emily Gaizley
Vice President: Anatoliy Tiavlovsky
Men’s Captain: Daniel Schindler
Women’s Captain: Becca Lin
Fitness Captains: Harrison Vine, Marcel Schaack
Social Secretaries: Annie Flint Smith, Rob Brunton
Marketing Officer: Annalise Munro
Engagement and Communications (Welfare?) Officer: Tahlia Spink
Sponsorship and Alumni Officer: Yevgeniy Hildebrandt

For those who did not attend the AGM, know that the constitution has been amended and the club has voted to add a third fitness captain! If you’re interested in contributing to the club as a committee member, be sure to let us know when an EGM is announced at the start of the next academic year!

NOTABLE GOSS (for those who has fomo)

1. Annalise won swimming snake of the year. She is taking over this blog next year.
2. Kai has been the token drunk person everyone mentioned in their speech when it comes to how responsible they are when it comes to partying.
3.  The treasurer candidates are convinced that we can get a Loop bar tab (no we can’t lol but heeyyyyy it’s worth a shot right?) [get the pun]
4. Kai has already drunk half his bottle of prosecco when the club was just done voting in our new president.
5. Ron Weasley was a strong contender.
6. JJ got the club 12 pizzas, including vegan ones. We are inclusive af.
7. Em broadcasted Frankie’s number. Frankie said he’s a fresher and will be in UCL for another 4 years. time to get that number.
8. The club split up between Roxy and Loop because we are united in spirit/our quest for spirits.

Signing out,
Kai xx

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