Shark Run 2019!!


The night which UCL Swimming Club is famous for, Shark Run, even more appealing this year because it fell on Halloween!! With our two Social Secs (Rob and James) being masters of the English language, they devised the idea of calling this year’s event…drum roll please…’SPOOKY Shark Run’.

To mark the occasion, our sharks (Rob Hilton and Becca Lin), terrorised the rest of the club with RED (not blue) paint. Rob later stated that being a shark in his fourth year at UCL was the proudest moment of his life.


Our two sharks for the evening (Check out the pristine DIY job on the fin and t-shirt from Becca)

After starting our mission at ULU, swimmers attempted, but failed miserably, to evade the two sharks in a route that went via the Main Quad, The Northumberland Arms, The Court and The Fitzrovia. Eventually finishing at Roxy which suffered from some serious queue management issues, many of the team could be seen enjoying a McDonald’s, whilst waiting for the 29 and covered head to toe in red paint.

Another fantastic evening for the team and we are looking forward to many more throughout the year!


Outside the Fitzrovia – lots of smiles, red paint and cheese balls

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