Our elite BUCS squad consists of the fastest competitive swimmers. Usually the team has about a dozen members. Membership to the BUCS squad is dynamic so there is a chance that during the year hard working and high achieving members from the competitive team can be invited to move up. Conversely, we ask that all BUCS squad members aim to make at least 4 sessions a week. If attendance falls consistently below this, membership to the squad may be reviewed. Our BUCS squad members are of at least regional standard, some have been to nationals and a couple have made national finals.

Training is 5-6 sessions a week totalling around 10 hours. There will also be one off fitness sessions, training days, meetings and land sessions which members will be expected to attend.

The focus meets for the BUCS squad are (you’ve guessed it): BUCS Short Course (November),  BUCS Long Course (February), Varsity (March) and BUCS Teams (March).


The competitive squad consists of members who want to swim to compete and have achieved the cut of times at trials. At trials you’ll be asked to swim 100 freestyle and 50/100 of your form stroke. Cut off times vary year on year depending on members but in 2016/17 it was 1.00 for the men’s 100 free and 1.10 for the women’s. In 2016/17 the competitive team had around 30 members. Our competitive swimmers are approximately equal to county level swimming.

Training takes the form of 3 water sessions and 1 land session each week. As a competitive member you are expected to attend 75% of these sessions.

The focus meets for competitive are: BUCS Short Course (November), London League 1 (November), Varsity (March) and London League 3 (March).


The fitness squad is welcome to everyone. Unfortunately as we are not a learn to swim club we ask that everyone who joins is able to swim 100m of front crawl with your face in the water, as well as 100m of back stroke – if you have any questions please email our president. The minimum standard allows sessions to run with everyone at a similar level and makes it more enjoyable for everyone. If you’re looking to have fun and get fit this is the squad for you. With over 120 members the fitness squad has a substantial social side!

Swim School 

If you are looking to learn how to swim – do not fear! We run a swimming school during second term for up to 20 swimmers, where you will get taught how to swim by qualified swim teachers in the BUCS and Competitive squads! This lasts throughout the whole of term 2. Look out on our news board and emails with up to date news on this swim school.

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