About our teams


Our competitive squad swim 4 times a week and we also have 1 land training session lead by our strength and conditioning coach. We compete in various competitions throughout the year as a team, including BUCS Championships and London League (which we have won 3 years in a row!!).

As well as training and competitions, we have socials along with the fitness squad every fortnight- some of the highlights include our ‘shark run’ and ‘captains cocktails’. Our annual tour is also one of the best events of the year where we enjoy a week of sun in places such as Croatia, Spain and Malta where we went most recently.


The fitness squad welcomes everyone and comprises of mainly three levels with low and intermediate level being coached by at least one of our fitness captains. We will tailor the general fitness programme according to your ability if you are willing and keen enough to turn up to every session!


Our fitness captains will aim to introduce you to basic strokes and techniques (all four strokes and basic aquatics), by developing your general “water sense”. Well who knows maybe in just half a term a talented swimmer— you — can progress to intermediate level if you think you can (There would not be a formal assessment don’t worry).

Intermediate Fitness: Our lovely fitness captains will seize to improve on your stroke techniques and develop both your explosive and endurance swimming’s foundation. We will have themed sessions like endurance week, butterfly week haha depending on your behaviours. We would want to polish your stroke techniques to perfection by including drills and demonstrations. (You can decide whether you want to progress to High fitness if you see fit!!)

High Fitness: Our fitness Kapitën would introduce programmes aiming to develop your swimming ability to an advanced level or even develop you as future UCL competitive swimmers depending on your ability. We will have varied fitness programmes aiming to develop your already advanced stroke techniques and aerobic capacity. We will be present in every session in case you want to ask us about some bits and bobs. (You probably swim better than we do, and we might even ask for your advice!!)

Swim School

Spaces are limited so that we can provide each individual with the time and opportunity needed to learn swimming, so please do not buy membership before you have a place confirmed. To apply, send a short text (max. 300 words) describing why you would like to learn to swim with us to: uclu-swimming-club@ucl.ac.uk  by 5 pm on the 13th of October. We will contact all applicants in the following week.

We welcome complete beginners, no previous experience needed!

Learn to swim with teaching from one or two instructors, who are part of our competitive team or high fitness and have years of experience swimming themselves.

We are starting with the most essential elements of swimming: Getting used to being in the water and feeling comfortable, learning how to float and how to tread water. We are then moving on to the basics of each stroke – freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke – starting with kick. Later on we will learn how to synchronize the kick and the arm stroke, and then how to synchronize arm stroke with breathing.