Swimathon 2019


15 members of UCLSC (both fitness and competitive!) took part in the annual Swimathon this March in aid of Marie Curie and Cancer Research UK! In teams or individually, our swimmers had to complete 5k and in total, the club has managed to raise a massive £3,056.67 for charity!

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We’re so proud of the amazing fundraising efforts, fab swimming and great team spirit you’ve all shown! Bring on next year!!


We are done with 17/18!

So you think swimming is done and dusted for the academic year in March? NAH. Our tireless committee is still working *through the exams* to bring you activities!

1. Swimathon 2018

Team UCL Swimming took on the olympic stadium once again one month after our glorious victory against Kings. A tradition of our club, we’ve fundraised for this event and took up the challenge of swimming DURING the exam period. Even though our incoming president, Louis, signed us up for the slow lanes, our timings are anything but slow!


everyone’s a medal winner except Louis (even though he swam the fastest)

shoutout to everyone for turning up this year and we look forward to Swimathon 2019!

2. Swimming Dinner!


Rob is not impressed. Watch out for his socials next year.

The annual swimming dinner has descended upon us, kindly organised by our dearest Social Secs, Ellen and Georgie! Lovely pub, lovely food, lovely price ££!

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For the uninitiated, this annual summer rendezvous is a chance for us to meet up with each other with more than just a swimming trunk/costume on. It is during the dinner that we dish out awards for what we do when we are almost naked. Yes, swim.

so drumrolls…

2017/18 Award Winners!

Female Competitor of the Year – Phyllida Britton (Goggy)
Male Competitor of the Year – Daniel Schindler
Most Improved Swimmer – Ming Hu
Most Dedicated Club Member – Kai Low
Swimmer of the Year – Becca Lin

Congrats to all winners!


Louis offering his heartiest congratulations whilst Gabi looks on endearingly

THANK YOU ALL for making 17/18 the best year and we look forward to seeing you at tour!


Out to Swim – Pride in Sport week

UCL Swimming is committed to diversity and inclusivity.

In lieu of Pride in Sport week, take a look at an insightful article written by our Engagements and Communications Officer, Louis Seller (2nd Year, Medicine).

For Pride in Sport week, UCLSC decided to explore how best to make our club inclusive and welcoming to all. We turned to London and Brighton’s Out to Swim (OTS), an aquatics club for adults founded 25 years ago for primarily LGBT+ people (also welcoming to all adults with an interest in aquatic sport, including disabled swimmers), with the hope they could offer some insight into improving our club.

As Communications and Engagements Officer and LGBT+ rep, I took part in a swimming session with the team and had the opportunity to speak to the Men’s Captain, Andrew Benson, before the session began.

Andrew has been at the club for two years and regularly competes in Masters events with the club, these include ASA British Swimming Competitions as well international LGBT+ competitions. Out to Swim is one of the largest Masters swimming clubs in the UK, and is well represented at these competitions which is reflected in their results.

However, it’s not just the training and results that Andrew thinks is so important about the team, but rather the community that’s been created. Like many teams, members are incredibly supportive of each other and experience comradeship in and out of the pool. Being a swimmer and a member of the LGBT+ community creates a unique opportunity in which like-minded people can come together in an environment where they feel comfortable in a space in which they can be themselves.

Despite this, it hasn’t proven as easy for all members of the community to get involved; gender based changing rooms and costume restraints create limitations. This is an issued shared with UCLSC as we have little to no Trans and non-binary participation within the club. OTS, in collaboration with TAGS – Trans and gender non-conforming swimming group, now have a twice monthly swimming session at Swiss Cottage. The pool has its own private changing for members and OTS provide a coach to help develop swimmers style and technique. We are fortunate at UCL to also provide certain sessions that have non-gendered changing rooms. However, we both agree that there is more to do to increase participation, as there have been no swimmers making the step from their Trans and non-binary sessions to the general OTS sessions available.

On top of this, there are additional boundaries of gendered racing. OTS keep themselves up to date with ASA guidelines and regulations on this, but go one step further with their involvement in LGBT+ competitions. These competitions have less regulation and therefore cater more towards all people included in the LGBT+ spectrum, as well as holding separate races for non-binary swimmers. It’s been important to note the scope of which can be made available and how limited we are within our own swim team currently.

Lastly, Andrew expressed the importance in any sports team that it was everybody’s responsibility to call out discriminatory behaviour. Having someone who’s specifically available for discrimination to be reported to, in cases where it may be inappropriate or difficult to call out behaviour at the time of incidence, would make carrying this out easier. He thought the idea of having an LGBT+ rep to do this was a great step in the right direction.

It was great to meet Andrew and then experience a training session with the team and gave an insight into the importance of having these spaces and how they’re a benefit to the community. The session was hard work and good fun, with members managing to make me feel welcome in the limited time there was to talk during the rest. I hope to be able to train with them again in the future as I thoroughly enjoyed it – if you want to find out more about OTS then please visit their website https://www.outtoswim.org/. See also our other featured Pride in Sports week events.


Merry Christmas!

2017 has been crazy, but we are nearing the end of it!

Lots have been going on and here’s a breakdown of what went on in December:

1. Christmas Dinner 

With 53 of you joining us at the Shakespeare’s Head on Carnaby Street, this is the biggest turn out ever! Thank you Ellen and Georgi, our amazing Social Secs, for organizing such a blast! And if you haven’t heard about the latest ship of the club… cough *janiel* cough

2. Christmas Gala

We don’t have a picture for this but saaaaaaaay whaaaaaaaat. We’ve managed to raised £70 for Aspire, a national charity that provides practical help to people who have been paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury helping them move from injury to independence.

As our Engagement and Community Officer, Louis have organised this charity gala, throwing in fun races involving questionable Santa hats and socks to end our last swim session of the year on a high note. Congratulations to Team 4 for winning a box of Celebrations (that everyone stole from anyway lol)!

If anyone love to find out more about UCL Swimming’s other volunteering projects (i.e. Starfish Volunteering), do not hesitate to reach out to Louis!

Also, goodbye to our Canadian star, Will Brothers! We hope to see you again at UCL next year!

3. Naked Calendar


We stripped … like we always do in the changing room lol

UCLSC will probably be on the naughty list this Christmas for posing *naked* but this is all for a good cause!

In support of mental health charity MIND, UCL Swimming has joined forces with other sports team in UCL to go bare for a 2018 calendar shoot! Head down to CSC reception or here to get your family and friends the best christmas gift! (ps im buying this for my mom)

4. Kit!

Our swimming caps are here! With the constant hard work of our Marketing Officer, Kai, Christmas came early with our newly designed swim caps! Do wear it proud when you head home and swim at your local gyms! T-shirts to come next year, and keep a look out for our Under Armour kit rolling out soon. Note: PAY UP TO GET THEM ASAP!

Mega thanks to our Alumni and Sponsorship officer, Gabi, for securing us a huuuuuuuuuuuge sponsorship from George Farha! You will see our sponsor logos on your kit as a form of gratitude. Also, with this sponsorship, we’ve managed to get our competitive team new personalized bullet caps! Wrap up! 

We hope all of you enjoyed your time with us here in UCL Swimming. Merry Christmas and have a great new year!

UCLU Swimming does This Girl Can!

In support of the This Girl Can Campaign developed by Sport England we decided to run our own event as part of UCLU Swimming. We wanted to encourage and celebrate all the active women at UCL by showing them what we (the girls in the  club do) and what they can achieve.

And to make things really fun and to show off just how tough we are, we decided to hire two lanes at the London Fields Lido Pool! (Yes…the outdoor  “heated” one)

Taking charge of the lanes we created a training set for the girls to follow. We watched the girls at first and offered advise wherever we could.  All the girls had very different backgrounds in swimming, and it was really great seeing how little changes in their stroke techniques made a really big splash in developing their swimming styles.

And as we can see the effort really paid off!

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They were only smiles here…

Until Jackie said…



Thankfully Lara was there to  save the day


Because after all THIS GIRL CAN !


After 200m of butterfly that many girls had never even imagined being able to do, we thought it was time to end the session by showing the girls just how fun swimming can really be:

Team Relays…wheelbarrow edition! Essentially holding onto the back of someone else while swimming freestyle. It’s more fun than it sounds.

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Overall it was a huge success!


And although, the day started off on a bit of a rough note, given it was November 10th and we don’t live in the Caribbean.


We did end up having a turn up of 15 girls who proudly and relecutantly helped me  hold the banner up in the end.  It  was clear they were itching to get back into the water for more training, although some may argue the warmth of the pool could have played a factor in their enthusiasm.


Thank you everyone for coming and making it such a wonderful experience. Given the smiles on your faces I can only assume you had as much fun as we did. Special shout outs to our club’s advisor Laura-Jane Elizabeth White for helping organise the event and to the two girls: Jacquelyn Yang our Women’s Competitive Captain and Lara Cosford one of our star competitive members for their efforts in making this event flow as swimmingly as it did.


Remember, This Girl Can