Varsity 2020!!

The date was 6th March and the venue was the prestigious Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. In the grounds of the pool, the FA Cup final was held from 1895 to 1914, and athletics records were broken by names such as Usain Bolt, Michael Johnson and Paula Radcliffe.

However, on this Friday afternoon, UCL Swimming brought it names that included Justin Semenkoff, Rebecca Hoadley, and Janis Mok, to conquer the Kings Swimming team. Not only did we conquer, but in doing so we secured our 6th straight victory in Varsity, continuing our unbeaten record!!

Nevertheless, congratulations to the Kings team for running (swimming) us so close on the day, with only a slim margin of victory separating the two teams overall. Also, a big thanks goes to Kings for organising the event!

After the day’s proceedings, our swimmers sat down (Chinese takeaway in one hand, a selection of Tesco beverages in the other) to watch the UCL and Kings water polo teams battle it out! Big shout out to our own Welfare and Sponsorship Officer, Lizzie Rose, for her match winning performance as the UCL Females overcame their Kings counterparts.

Big credit must go to the two competitive captains, Justin and Rebecca, for leading the team to another Varsity victory! Also, shout outs to Becca Lin, Janis Mok, Oskar Soulas, Maya Kirlew, Daniel Morgolin, Caterina Vanelli-Coralli, Rory Alexander, Samuel Bouilloud, Toby Katerbau and the two Robs for some great swimming.

Special plaudits go to John Telensky for swimming probably more events than Michael Phelps did throughout the entire 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Another successful year, and onto the next one!! #bleedpurple


London League Round 2!!

(30 November, 2019)

London league Round 2 was set in the territory of Imperial College London.

Unfortunately we were rather undermanned conpared to the first round, having only 4 girls, (Rebecca, Janis, Goggy, and Nicole) and 6 guys (Justin, Sam, Daniel, Oskar, John, and Jonghak) showed up.

Nonetheless, Rebecca led the girls as they swam through all the events, having no backup squad members to even out the race distributions. Her strategy and willingness to hand over the 100im and the 100 fly to Goggy was very commendable!

On the other hand, Justin led to the boys through an equally tough series of races due to the evident lack of rest and squad. However, in the end we managed to achieve a respectable result and win a couple races, despite fierce competition from the other unis!

Thanks to everyone involved!!

BUCS Short Course 2019!!

[15 – 17 November, 2019]

Our first BUCS competition of the year got off to a great start on the Friday with Goggy getting a win for UCL in the 1500m freestyle (after just swimming in 2 relays!!). In the evening we prepared for the rest of the weekend by eating burgers at GBK (maybe not the best pre-race food) and were up early for the following morning’s races.

Saturday was a successful day, with some great PBs and Maya making the 50 back final and going sub 30s for the first time! Not to mention Goggy also getting a bronze medal in the 800m!! The day ended with some Italian food and a viewing of Johnnie English 3. The weekend finished with some great swims, especially from John and Maya, who both got PBs and then we all headed back to London after a fun weekend of racing.


Justin and Rebecca rallied the troops for another class weekend of swimming in Sheffield!


UCL Swimming Takes Cambridge 2019!


Another year, another pilgrimage to Cambridge, and yet again, UCLUSC did not disappoint. Well rested after a two-hour coach journey from the Royal Albert Hall, we arrived at the educational capital of the UK in suitably respectable style, goggles in one hand, KFC Bargain Bucket in the other, to take on anybody that stood in our way.

Possibly due to the debatable pre-competition nutritional tactics, particularly from the two Robs, and the fact that we were missing some key players, the team has seen better days in the pool. Nevertheless, plaudits must be given to John Telensky and Anna Spentzou for tackling the 100 fly! Also, special mention to our VP, Becca Lin, for swimming…well everything really.



We then enjoyed a delicious Thai meal before heading off to mark our territory at the Regal! With the theme being Tube Stations, our ingenuity in costume design demonstrated why we all deserve to be at UCL. From Chalk Famers to Nuns (Seven Sisters), from Napoleon (Waterloo) to Shepherds (Bush), our team impressed every innocent onlooker in town.


Despite briefly worrying (halfway down the motorway) that we had left the entire Imperial team behind in Cambridge, we were informed that they had actually all taken the train back to London earlier that evening. Once again, UCL had shown its superiority.

Thanks for a great trip everyone, especially to the Fitness team for coming along to support!

See you all next year!

London League Round 1 2019/20


UCL Swimming Club’s first competitive outing of the season did not disappoint, with us winning the year’s first round of London League.

Leaving all other London universities in our wake, including Imperial, Kings and Brunel, UCL dominated both the individual and relay events to conquer London League yet again. Despite fearsome tactics by Brunel in the 8x50m mixed freestyle relay of putting their four male swimmers on the first four legs, UCL fought from almost a length behind to touch the wall first – is there nothing we can’t overcome?!

Special mention must go to our elite performers in Goggy, Maya, Oskar, Alvin, Janis, James, Daniel and our resident captains: the ‘Mighty Medic’ Rebecca and the ‘Fake Frenchman’ Justin. Apologies if I missed anyone out (please blame Rob Brunton).

We celebrated by taking a classic team victory photo in the pool after the afternoon’s rather undramatic events. It must be noted however that this was after all the other teams had done exactly the same thing…maybe we should let them know that they have nothing to celebrate?

Onto the next round and well done team!


Varsity 2019!


For the FIFTH year running, UCL beat Kings at Varsity!!

This year, we won by a whopping 157-95 points! Congratulations to all our competitive swimmers for some really amazing swims and great team spirit throughout!

Of course, in true UCLSC fashion, we had to celebrate this fantastic result afterwards! With the library bar at Student Central pre-booked, everyone from UCLSC, UCL Waterpolo, and both equivalent teams from Kings all came together for a fun night to remember!

Bring on Varsity 2020!!


London League Round 3!


For the third year in a row, UCLSC have come out as London league swimming champions!! This year we won by a massive 130 points! Congratulations to everyone for superb swims and always amazing effort! Also, a special shoutout to Kai, our lovely long-time member who volunteered to be timekeeper for yet another year!

London League Round 2


The second round of London League was held at Ethos sports centre at Imperial, and as expected, we smashed the competition and are well on our way to becoming London League champions once again!

Congratulations to our competitive members that participated, we can’t wait to see you race again in March for the final round!


London League Round 1


October 27th marked the FIRST round of London league!!

Held in Mile End Park Leisure Centre & Stadium, the warm up began at 5PM and before long our swimmers were racing away! We’re proud to say our team DOMINATED the competition, and came out on top by 47 points! To celebrate, the competitive swimmers and fitness supporters all went out to Kitchen Pizzeria afterwards for a well-deserved meal!


Cambridge Gala 2018!!


Every year, our competitive team participates in the Cambridge gala (hosted by Cambridge university, funnily enough), and unsurprisingly, our members swam excellently once again! It was great to see amazing effort from everyone, and loads of team spirit shown from fitness members who travelled the long distance as well to support our team! Although we were beaten by the two Cambridge teams, we proudly took Bronze and celebrated this well with a delicious meal at the Raja Cambridge, followed by lots of dancing at The Regal! Safe to say, the coach journey back to London had many more sleepy swimmers than it did on the way!


Of course, we also had to have a fancy dress theme for the night.. this year’s was DISNEY! We’re proud (?) to say our swimmers put in almost as much effort in their costumes as they did their swimming!!