Welcome to UCL Swimming Club 2020-2021!

Hey everyone!

It’s been a really strange couple of months for everyone. Like most people, our events that were planned for the end of last year were cancelled, and coronavirus is continuing to present new challenges to everyone. Whilst there is still a lot of uncertainty, we are excited to get back to the pool and show everyone the best society UCL has to offer!

Meet the 2020-2021 Committee: Despite the challenges of navigating a world with coronavirus, the new committee is already hard at work behind the scenes, planning the year ahead. They are:

What will training look like next year?

We’re not quite sure how many training sessions we’ll be able to provide this year, due to the current situation but we are working hard to secure some pool time that allows us to put on COVID-safe training sessions🏊‍♀️.

What we know for sure is that we will have land (and hopefully pool) sessions run by our qualified committee members, suitable for everyone regardless of ability! At the moment, these will be both online and face-to-face, but this may change depending on any new rules and regulations put in place by the UK Government.

We will still be running socials, however there will be an extra emphasis on remote socials, so that we can accommodate everyone! Keep your eyes peeled for icebreakers, games nights and pub quizzes 🙂

Membership is on sale now: Interested in joining us? Membership is available to purchase now. For this year, it is £65 for fitness and £85 for competitive. Click here to get yours !

Facebook Group: We now have a UCL Swimming Club 2020-2021 Facebook Group! Once you have bought your membership, click here to join.

Welcome Fair 2020: If you have any questions that we haven’t answered here, or you just want to say hi to the committee, then be sure to drop by our stall at the Welcome Fair! It will be taking place on 30th September (12-4) and 3rd October (10-2).

AGM (Meet our new committee!)


The time has come to say goodbye to our old committee…


…and hello to our new one!!


Thank you very much to everyone on this year’s (2018-19) committee for your hard work and dedication to UCLSC, you will all be missed!

UCLSC’s 2019-20 committee:

President: Melina Olson

Vice-President: Rebecca Lin

Treasurer: Emily Nice

Competitive Captains: Rebecca Hoadley & Justin Gay Semenkoff

Fitness Captains: Brooklyn Ho, Alex Harmer & Eloi de Clercq

Social Secretary: James Armitage

Community Outreach Officer: Rosalind Walden

Welfare Officer: Lizzie Rose

AGM – Welcoming our New Committee!

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-22 at 13.23.25

UCLSC Committee 18/19 – when ALL committee members are actually present for a photo


Welcome to our newest committee! In this edition, we have MANY new faces, and some not so new ones, but hey we need members with experience right?

Our newest committee is made up of:

President: Louis Seller
Treasurer: Emily Gaizley
Vice President: Anatoliy Tiavlovsky
Men’s Captain: Daniel Schindler
Women’s Captain: Becca Lin
Fitness Captains: Harrison Vine, Marcel Schaack
Social Secretaries: Annie Flint Smith, Rob Brunton
Marketing Officer: Annalise Munro
Engagement and Communications (Welfare?) Officer: Tahlia Spink
Sponsorship and Alumni Officer: Yevgeniy Hildebrandt

For those who did not attend the AGM, know that the constitution has been amended and the club has voted to add a third fitness captain! If you’re interested in contributing to the club as a committee member, be sure to let us know when an EGM is announced at the start of the next academic year!

NOTABLE GOSS (for those who has fomo)

1. Annalise won swimming snake of the year. She is taking over this blog next year.
2. Kai has been the token drunk person everyone mentioned in their speech when it comes to how responsible they are when it comes to partying.
3.  The treasurer candidates are convinced that we can get a Loop bar tab (no we can’t lol but heeyyyyy it’s worth a shot right?) [get the pun]
4. Kai has already drunk half his bottle of prosecco when the club was just done voting in our new president.
5. Ron Weasley was a strong contender.
6. JJ got the club 12 pizzas, including vegan ones. We are inclusive af.
7. Em broadcasted Frankie’s number. Frankie said he’s a fresher and will be in UCL for another 4 years. time to get that number.
8. The club split up between Roxy and Loop because we are united in spirit/our quest for spirits.

Signing out,
Kai xx

Shark Run & Cambridge!

Give-it-a-go fortnight is officially over!

Thank you everyone who signed up and turned up for our training sessions. We hope you like it and want more! If that’s the case, from this week on, we need you to have membership. Head over to the Students’ Union webpage (link here) to get them now!

And if you’ve joined us in last week’s Glitter Social, you will know how lit it is


we occupied the entire top deck of bus 73. blur photo soz.

If fomo has hit you, don’t worry because our two MAJOR SOCIALS are coming up and here are the details!

  1. Shark Run (Event link HERE )
    What’s better than one shark running after *drunk* you? TWO SHARKS! Our infamous annual pub crawl is here and it’s really the one event that you must not miss. I’d skip my 9am for this (kidding, guys go for both socials and lectures).
  2. Cambridge Gala (Event link HERE )
    Competitive swimmers will compete and non-competing people will drink and show solidarity by the poolside. the more shots down the more chances we stand to win this gala! And after that we will have the BEST out-of-town social ever, you might even forget to catch the coach back with us (it happened before, you don’t want us to leave you, really).

More updates to come! If you haven’t already followed us on our Facebook page and group and Instagram (@ucl.swimstagram), go right now!

AGM 2015

Note from the President regarding AGM, taking place Monday 23rd March 2015 at 6pm in the Harrie Massey Lecture Theatre.

That time of year where we’ll need to put together a new committee for the following year is almost upon us!

This is the most important event of the year so please put this one in your diaries!

Afterwards, we’ll also organise a social + dinner (probably the last of the term!). more info to come soon.

The positions on offer with short descriptions are as follows:

President – is essentially responsible for all club affairs, and is the official point of contact for the members and the union. Basically you organise and delegate. Only current committee members can run.

Treasurer – 2nd in command, so the 2nd most important role! Treasurer is responsible for all finances. Responsibilities include drawing up a budget for the year, applying for grants, budgeting for events. They are responsible for making sure the club doesn’t go into debt 🙂

Vice-President – newly created position who is essentially a fixtures secretary. Will be in charge of booking facilities + accommodation + travel for training, tour and competitions. A really vital role!

Men’s + Women’s Captain – is in charge of picking the BUCS + competitive teams, entering it teams to competitions, writing sets, communicating with the coach and generally promoting team spirit!

Fitness Captain – A role created to ensure the fitness squad (the largest portion of the club) feels more integrated. Responds to a lot of member queries, writes sets + coaches the fitness squad, and again just acts as a welcoming member of the committee.

Social Secretaries (x2) – Is in charge of extra curricular social activities. You book venues, promote events and essentially be the life and soul of social events.

Engagement and Community Officer – Is responsible for all sponsorship, alumni and volunteering related affairs. Such as acting as the official contact with our new sponsor, keeping in contact with UCLUSC alumni, and organising volunteering + sponsorship events.

Marketing Officer – is the creative mind of the club. Essentially we need someone with an eye for design who can design kit, posters, banners etc. and can also be in charge of publicising the club, whether just in general or for a specific social/volunteering/sponsorship event. Will liaise with Social secs and engagement officer a lot.

If you’d like anymore info, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please all of you come to run and vote on the new committee!!